Benjamin Turale
Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Lecturer & Instructor in Hermetics

From a young age, I was fascinated with hidden worlds, outside and in.  I grew up on the “Goldfields”, an area near Ballarat, Australia, famous for a mining boom in the 1800s.  My father was a prospector and the early experiences I had discovering gold with him proved to leave an indelible impression on me.  As a boy I was different from my peers, having a keen interest in ceremonial magick and anything occult.  During my teens a combination of difficult experiences precipitated a healing crisis.  This initiated a search to rectify my world. 

Into my 20’s an undergraduate degree in philosophy led me to daily meditation practice, spending time temporarily as a Buddhist monk and several long meditation retreats.  Subsequent postgraduate studies in counselling and transpersonal therapy immersed me in techniques for personal and spiritual transformation, qualifying me as a psychotherapist.  I did a lot of my own personal and group therapy in order to become a clear reflecting mirror for other people and a solid vessel to hold space.  For my masters of counselling thesis I designed and conducted a quantitative study examining psychological functioning, wellbeing and resilience in mindfulness meditators.  During my studies I also read Jung and through his writings, found my way back to my roots in Western spirituality and alchemy.

Guild Certified Alchemist
Guild Certified Alchemist

Thereafter I studied with recognised leaders in the Hermetic tradition, completing my Diploma of Alchemy and Hermetic Science with Dr. Dennis William Hauck and undertaking advanced intensives in animal and mineral laboratory alchemy with Robert Bartlett.  After becoming a teacher on the Alchemy Study Program, in 2017 I was offered a position on the Board of Directors of the International Alchemy Guild, serving as Director of Education (link here).

I’ve worked in several roles as a teacher, counsellor and training coordinator, delivering talks and training at major conferences on mental health and wellbeing.  Currently I divide my time between several roles I am passionate about.  I provide clinical supervision to counsellors and psychotherapists.  I lecture at a major Australian university.  I also teach laboratory alchemy and sell alchemical products through my business, the Temple of Mercury (link here).  I’m particularly interested in the relationship between spiritual medicines and ritual.  I like to organise events that bring esoteric communities together such as the 2018 Alchemy Guild Conference in Glastonbury, UK.  I am very happily married to my wife and am also a father to a whimsical white cat.  I also produce and perform ambient electronic music (link here).

Registered Australian Counsellor.

My Qualifications Include:

Master of Counselling (UTAS link here).
Graduate Diploma of Counselling.
Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling.
Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy.
Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy major).

Registered British Counsellor.

Certificate IV Training and Education. 
Certification in Professional Supervision.
Diploma of Alchemy and Hermetic Science.
Diploma of Electronic Music Production. 

This coupled with my experience enables me to be a member of the Australian Counselling Association, the largest peak body for professional counsellors in Australia, and the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

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