| Live Ambient Electronic Music |

Diploma of Sound Engineering and Music Production, Point Blank London, 2017.

Australian born, UK based electronic artist, Primum Ens has a personal journey that reflects in his music.  His young adulthood was spent on a healing journey, starting with learning meditation.  This was shortly followed by time spent in robes as a Buddhist monk, before returning home and qualifying as a transpersonal counsellor and as a teacher of Hermetic Alchemy.  After rectifying his spiritual yearnings, he returned to his first love of music by completing studies at Point Blank Electronic Music school in London.  He currently divides his time between helping others on their spiritual journeys and communicating his vision through his musical gifts.  He uses samplers, synths, sequencers, effect units and a variety of acoustic instruments to take listeners on alchemical journeys of music.  To this end, Primum Ens live shows cross genres such as ambient, vaporwave and techno.

New Album available for download now!

A sample live ambient performance