Melbourne Alchemy Guild Chapter

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A new phase of the alchemisation of Melbourne, Australia has begun!

In 2018 the International Alchemy Guild has established a chapter in Melbourne through the efforts of several members who live in Victoria, Australia. The Guild exists to assist in the Great Work through making Spirit manifest into matter and in exalting matter to Spirit. To this end, the expressed purpose of the Melbourne chapter is to assist in the spread of the Hermetic current to whoever openly seeks it with a sincere heart. The Chapter is run as a not for profit group and as such any proceeds collected from Guild meetings go towards future meetings and other special events.
The Melbourne Chapter runs monthly meetups designed to help attendees connect with the Hermetic current. Meetings are held as a collaborative space, where people can share alchemical knowledge, seek input and offer support to each other. Meetings can also include short practicals or Hermetic meditations. It will also periodically offer guest speakers from various Hermetic groups. They could include but are not limited to: lab alchemists, Hermetic magicians, Jungians, Freemasons or Rosicrucians. As such, the Melbourne Chapter represents a coming together of all people who work with the Spirit of Hermes through various means.
We welcome people of all age, race, nationality, gender, religion and particularly people affiliated with other esoteric/occult groups. Anyone regardless of experience level is welcome.
We look forward to seeing you soon in the Great Work!