2018 Alchemy Conference


The 2018 conference is now officially archived.  You can find the site pages here.

The 2018 International Alchemy Guild Conference is officially over.  It was an incredibly successful event with participants attending lectures and workshops including: 

How to Make Alchemical Tinctures | An Introduction to Hermetics | Alchemical Meditation | Basil Valentine’s Five Considerations | Astrology and Plant Work | The Pauline Art | How to do Renaissance Geomancy | Talismans – Their Enchantment and Care AND a special lecture on John Dee, Edward Kelley and Count Rosemberg’s Mines.

This included Hermetic and Magical stalls by Avalonia Books, Courtyard Alchemy, The Welsh Alchemical Society, Two White Feathers, Mercurial Enterprises and the Library of Avalon.  Attendees travelled from all over Europe to network and to learn.

Soon video footage of the event will be available to view online…watch this space for links!

Glastonbury, Somerset UK May 18th-21st

Three days of training in alchemy and magic in the enchanted Isle of Avalon – Glastonbury UK.  Day 2 of the conference will now include a demonstration: the magical enchantment of an alchemical tincture, a bottle of which will be given to all present on day 3.  Day 3 also includes a full demonstration of how to make a herbal spagyric tincture.

Taking place over St. Dunstan’s feast day, the conference will be dedicated to this patron Saint of alchemy who originally hailed from Glastonbury.  His treatise “Philosophia Maturata of the Stone of the Philosopher” was used by John Dee and Edward Kelley to perform their transmutation in the court of Emperor Rudolf II, which of course the Guild traces it’s origins back to.  Don’t miss out on the chance to come full circle with us as St. Dunstan comes back to Glastonbury in Spirit!

Hope to see you there in the Great Work!