My Clients

Solvite Corpora et Coagulate Spiritus – “Dissolve the body and coagulate the Spirit”.

As a counsellor and alchemist I have learnt secret laws and skills that help people to live in alignment with reality.  I transmit these healing keys via consultation, workshops and tutoring that I provide both over the web and in person.  I offer different kinds of consultations depending on how people want to work with me which you can find out more about here.  Time with me can include a blend of counselling skills, powerful Hermetic medicines in the form of herbal tinctures, tarot divination, dream amplification, ritual magic and alchemical meditation.  I occasionally offer training in the Hermetic Arts on topics such as alchemical herbal medicine, ritual magic and spiritual alchemy.  My philosophy is to serve the Great Work of the universe, evolving matter to unite with Spirit and for Spirit to come into being in matter.

People see me for all sorts of reasons, but some common themes are: being grounded and connected, connecting to and living one’s highest purpose, expanding sense of self, exalting Body Soul & Spirit, fulfilling dreams, finding peace, understanding reality and processing trauma.   I also offer supervision services to holistic therapists, assisting them to achieve the best outcomes for their clients.  I follow an ethical code of conduct to serve the highest good of my clients.  All the client work I do is fully insured.  This way my clients can rest easy knowing they are in safe hands.