Planetary Herbal Tinctures

Handcrafted using ancient alchemical methods, these are very potent medicines that have been purified and exalted in Body, Soul and Spirit.  When taken as a medicine or sacrament they work on these same three levels within us.  Therefore what makes alchemical medicines truly special is their ability to create change holistically.  Each herb is also aligned with it’s planetary ruler, infusing it with the pure power of a universal archetypal signature, supercharged with the Spirit of the Universe!  I also use skills from renaissance planetary magic to enchant the tinctures further with archetypal powers.

Every herb is organically sourced and the tinctures contain no harmful additives or pesticides – just the plant’s own soul, purified and potentized.  I can make you your own 20ml bottled tincture can be made out of any legally obtained herb by request.  For those stuck thinking of a herb to start with, Melissa (lemon balm) is a fantastic place to begin the journey through the planets.  It was a herb revered by alchemists and some say it carries the signature of all the planets.  Great for colds, stress, depression, stomach upset and cold sores.  Being ruled by Jupiter, taken over time this alchemical tincture makes a person more fortunate.

1 x 20ml Planetary Alchemical Tincture $30.  Enquire here.