Professional Supervision

All therapists benefit from supervision.  For many professionals involved in not just mental health but also any healing arts it can be difficult at times to maintain objectivity and perspective with clients.  Burnout and vicarious trauma are common in a field where people are regularly giving energy to others on a routine basis.  Supervision therefore is an opportunity for the therapist to gain the help and support they need in order to provide a service which is ethically sound and appropriately serves the duty of care a therapist is morally and legally obligated to provide.  It’s a chance for the therapist to reflect on their own self care, their professional development and to importantly gain insight into what they may not be seeing or understanding about their interaction with clients.

I am qualified to provide supervision not only from my work supervising others in the workplace but also from my studies in clinical supervision.  I work from the Armstrong model of clinical supervision with particular attention paid to projection, transference and counter-transference as it exists in the counselling relationship.  I am also keen to help my supervisees become more aware of their own self care and connection to friendly ecology in their own lives.

I provide group supervision monthly and individual supervision by appointment.  To find out more, contact me through here.