Below are some questions people frequently ask me.

How do I find a good counsellor?

When searching for a counsellor, people want to know how to find one that can help them as a unique individual.   Research in counselling and psychotherapy shows consistently that the quality of the relationship between client and therapist is the key factor in clients achieving successful outcomes in therapy.  What this means is, you may find a counsellor who can tick all your boxes on paper – qualifications, experience, gender, age, philosophy…in the end though, for the therapy to work you need to have a good feeling about your relationship with them.

In order to find the right therapist therefore the best question to ask yourself when you are communicating with a prospective therapist is – “do I feel good about this connection? Deep down, on an emotional level, do I feel like this person can help me?”  If the answer you have to these questions, on a gut level is “no”, then you should keep looking.

Because I’m aware of this factor, I offer all prospective clients a free 10 minute discussion over the phone to get some sense of their issue, talk a bit about the way I work so we can both ascertain whether or not we are a good fit for each other.

Interested?  Get in touch now via the contact page by clicking here.

What Is Your Therapeutic Approach?

My approach is integrative, meaning that I use a wide variety of tools depending on my client’s needs and their unconscious map for change.  As an integrative psychotherapist I do not work from the medical model, though I do understand, help to incorporate and normalise any experiences of mental illness that clients may have.  My practice is also transpersonal and holistic, which means that it engages the mind, body and spirit of the client.  To learn more about the Transpersonal approach, click here.  I use a client-centred framework, which means that I work to help my clients become independent, autonomous people who are capable and competent to access their own inner resources for change.

What interventions (techniques) do you use in your approach?

I use a range of therapeutic tools depending on what problems my clients have, because different tools are better for different jobs.  Also depending on the map different people already have for solving their problems, it means that different tools may work better to fit with that map.  These include a broad range of therapies I have received formal training in, including but not limited to:

Transpersonal Psychotherapy | Psychodynamic Psychotherapy | Emotion Focused Therapy | Jungian Dreamwork | Art Therapy | Gestalt | Ritual Work | Mindfulness | Solution Focused Therapy | Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Altered States of Consciousness | Alchemy | CBT.

I focus on assisting my clients to find their own centre of wisdom and balance in life so they can leave my service being integrated, whole and confident.

Who are your clients?

What kind of people come to see me for assistance?  As a generalist counsellor I’ve worked with a wide range of issues, but I tend to specialise in helping clients through depression, self esteem issues, processing trauma and developing assertiveness.  I am LGBTIQ friendly and am competency-trained in this area.  I enjoy working with people from different cultures.  Individuals and/or couples may be trying to find a way through a wide variety of issues which I assist them with, including but not limited to:

How to stop worrying and enjoy life || finding motivation || shifting stuck emotions || feeling grounded and connected || connecting to and living one’s highest purpose || creating a loving and intimate relationship || establishing safe, respectful communication in relationships || setting healthy boundaries with people || processing past trauma || letting go of pain, grief and enjoying life again || living a dream life || integrating non-ordinary experiences.

Is Your Work Insured?

I follow an ethical code of conduct to serve the highest good of my clients.  All the client work I do is fully insured.  This way my clients can rest easy knowing they are in safe hands.  I am also registered as a counsellor and supervisor of other counsellors with the Australian Counselling Association.