Alchemical Tutoring

For the earnest seekers I offer tutoring in the ancient alchemical arts.  Students who study with me will leave knowing how to:

  • Create rejuvenating herbal medicines using ancient alchemical methods in a variety of forms including tinctures, elixirs, essences and stones.
  • Proper use of lab equipment.
  • Creation of a personal sigil for alchemical and magical use.
  • Use Hermetic magic for enchanting and exalting herbal medicines to any desired goal.
  • Magically consecrate a safe working space.
  • Enact alchemical meditation to transform their inner and outer life.

Please specify whether you will be attending your training in person (Melbourne AU only) or via web (please supply your Skype address) in the notes at checkout.

Alchemical tutoring, complete training  $500