Alchemy Links

This list of alchemy related websites is by no means extensive but represents a collection of people and resources that I have found to helpful, intelligent and open-hearted in my studies of alchemy to date.

The International Alchemy Guild – The Guild represents a membership of practising alchemists from all over the world.  There are many benefits to joining including access to the Guild archives, networking, guild forums and much more.
Alchemy Lab – My mentor Dennis William Hauck’s website.  Dennis received his alchemical training in Europe whilst studying his Ph.D in mathematics at the University of Vienna.  Dennis has many great free resources here.
Timothy A. Wilkerson – Timothy sat the last class that Frater Albertus ever taught in the US.  Timothy’s great contribution to alchemy is through his deep understanding and application of celestial mechanics (through sidereal astrology) to alchemy.  This is a much overlooked area of alchemy even by practising alchemists.  Timothy also posts daily updates of astrological influences on lab work.
The Spagyricus Institute – The Spagyricus Institute is the website for Master Alchemist Robert Allen Bartlett and his school in Washington State USA where he runs workshops in all three kingdoms of alchemy – animal, mineral and vegetable.  He also sells tinctures from his website.  Robert was a close student of Frater Albertus and the chief chemist at Paralab before it’s closure.  He is the foremost authority in the world on Frater’s teachings.
Steve Kalec – This is a link to the Master Alchemist Steve Kalec’s vimeo page where he has kindly made many beautiful videos showing his work across the three kingdoms of alchemy.
The Alchemical Practice – This is the website of a brother in the Great Work and a good friend of mine, also from Australia, a practising herbal alchemist.
The Once and Future Science – an excellent website providing deep discussion around the teachings of Frater Albertus by Herbert Kessler.